Axiom Service Plans

At Axiom, we work to accomodate the IT requirements of a diverse client base. We offer different service plans depending on our clients needs, each with their own level of guidance and assistance provided by Axiom. From our basic 'call-us-when-you-need-us' plan to the fully proactive managed services Premium Plan, we have an arrangement that works for our clients.

Premium Plan

Axiom's Premium Plan is a blanket support plan that allows our clients to cover all their servers, desktops and notebooks under a single support plan for a set monthly fee. Servers are monitored 24x7 for issues, and server maintenance is performed on a monthly basis. Technical support for all systems is fully covered under this plan.

The Premium Plan also includes all of our managed services such as disaster recovery, third party patch management, spam filtering and more. These value added services are all included in the Premium Plan at no additional cost.

Essentials Plan

For those clients who prefer an a-la-carte approach to their technology needs, we offer the Essentials Plan. All of the services in the Premium Plan are also available to our Essentials Plan clients, offered on a pay-as-you-go basis. The Essentials Plan includes 24x7 monitoring of servers and monthly server maintenance, but any additional support is provided at our Essential Plan hourly rate.

Basic Plan

If our clients really just need someone to be there when they need help with a particular problem, we also offer the Basic Plan. This is an option that some clients might need as special projects come up, or for those who possibly have their own internal IT staff and need to complement their in house resources. While it is our most reactive plan, it can be a good fit for clients not quite ready for one of the support plans above.